SteamVR or Oculus on Windows#

Download the latest Windows release build and unpack it into a folder. Run the ScioXR.exe file. You must have installed SteamVR or Oculus App with the approriate device connected in order to use the app.

Oculus Quest#

Download the latest Quest apk file. You need to sideload the file to Oculus Quest device. You can do that by using SideQuest app, Oculus Developer Hub or using the adb command line tool. For a detailed tutorial on sideloading follow this link:


Download the latest WebXR version. In order to run the WebXR version you need to host it on a web server. Unpack the content of the zip file to a folder where it can be hosted by the web server. When you access the link of the app, the VR and AR button will be enabled if the device support those 2 modes. There is a demo app you can test on the following link: