Getting started

Before you start creating your own world you need to learn the ropes. We will guide you through your first ScioXR experience step by step.

Step 1#

First you need to create new experience, by clicking on the new button in the main menu.

main menu

Step 2#

Welcome to the ScioXR world. Now lets put some objects in the scene. We will do that by clicking on the Y button on your quest controller and select model on the left side of the menu.

object menu

Lets choose some objects and add them to our world, select box and press trigger on either of the controllers to add it to the scene. Congratulations, you've just added your first object!

added box to the scene

Step 3#

Now we will make it dissapear. Press Y button and click code on the left side of the menu.

code panel

Drag and drop a yellow block that is called "On start" from left side to the empty space on the right side, next, place a block called "wait 1 second" under it and lastly, put a block called "Destroy" under "last 1 second" block at the bottom. You can do this, by attaching one block to the other, like a puzzle.

Step 4#

Save scene by clicking Y button and clicking on the option on the left side of the menu and click save as and confirm.

save as

Step 5#

Now lets go back to menu and play our experience.
Go back to the option menu and click on the main menu tab.

back to main menu

We are back to the main menu, now lets load your experience by clicking on it, and click on play button under it.


Congratulations on creating your first experience!